Wada Farms has been growing world famous Idaho potatoes since 1943.

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Wada Farms has an 80-year history of pride, excellence, and an obsession for providing products of intrinsic value to our client partners – that obsession led us to smalls.

Petite potatoes continue to gain market share, posting double-digit growth trends and now accounting for 14% of all fresh category dollars, up two percentage points since 2015. We can help you take advantage of this growing market.

Averaging 1″ in diameter, these artisan potatoes cook very quickly (about 5 minutes) in our new microwave friendly bag – an efficient option for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

ItemPackSizePallet PatternPallet Count
Smalls Mini Gold Potatoes1.25Size C
Smalls Mini Red Potatoes1.25Size C
Smalls Ctn16/1.25Size C10TI/8HI80
Smalls Ctn8/1.25Size C160TI/10HI160
Smalls Display Lug30/1.25Size C5TI/7HI35

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