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Our Easy-Baker Russet and Sweet Potatoes give the taste and texture of oven-baked in just minutes. Sealed in our microwave-ready wrap, these ready-to-cook potatoes offer convenience to consumers looking to solve the fast food dilemma.

ItemPack (lb)StyleSizePallet PatternPallet CountLabels
Easy Baker Idaho Russet15Ctn8oz Min10TI/10H100Easy Baker, Dole
20RPC8oz Min6TI/10HI60Easy Baker, Dole
20DRC8oz Min10TI/8HI80Easy Baker, Dole
40Ctn8oz Min5TI/8HI40Easy Baker, Dole
50Ctn8oz Min7TI/6HI42Easy Baker, Dole
Easy Baker ID Jumbo Russet15Ctn14oz Min10TI/10HI100Easy Baker, Dole
20RPC14oz Min6TI/10HI60Easy Baker, Dole
20DRC14oz Min10TI/8HI80Easy Baker, Dole
40Ctn14oz Min5TI/8HI40Easy Baker, Dole
50Ctn14oz Min7TI/6HI42Easy Baker, Dole
Easy Baker Sweet Potato15Ctn14oz Min10TI/8HI100Easy Baker, Dole
20Ctn14oz Min8TI/6HI80Easy Baker, Dole
40Ctn14oz Min10TI/10HI48Easy Baker, Dole
Easy Baker Sweet Potato15Ctn7oz Min10TI/8HI100Easy Baker, Dole
20Ctn7oz Min10TI/10HI80Easy Baker, Dole
40Ctn7oz Min8TI/6HI48Easy Baker, Dole

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