Great for summer grilling promotions.

Our Easy-Grillers are great for summer grilling promotions and deliver a crispy potato skin that only grilling can achieve. These potatoes are hand selected, double washed and grown in Idaho. Each convenient tray pack features cooking directions specifically for cooking them on the grill.

Wada Farms sets the bar for Easy-Grilling excellence.

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Nutritional Information

Consumers are recognizing the fact that potatoes are a healthy choice, with many nutritional benefits. Potatoes are 100% fat free, contain no saturated fat or cholesterol, and are a good source of potassium, Vitamin C and Vitamin B. They contain no sodium, and a medium sized potato has only 110 calories.

Storage Tips

Store potatoes in a cool, dark place with good ventilation – the ideal storage temperature is 45 to 50ºF. At these temperatures, potatoes will keep for several weeks, however do not store potatoes in the refrigerator.

When kept below 40ºF, potatoes develop a sweet taste due to the conversion of starch to sugar. This increased sugar causes potatoes to darken when cooked, so if you store potatoes at room temperature, try to use them within a week or so.

Also keep potatoes away from prolonged exposure to light, which causes them to turn green – this greening causes a bitter flavor. If potatoes develop green areas or start to sprout, just trim off these areas before using.

ItemPackStyleSizePallet PatternPallet CountLabels
Idaho Russet 3-Count Foil Wrap18/3ctLug8oz min7TI/6HI42Wada Farms, Easy Grillers, Tailgate Taters
Idaho Russet 4-Count Foil Wrap14/4ctLug8oz min7TI/6HI42Wada Farms, Easy Grillers, Tailgate Taters

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