Wada Farms is a leading shipper of the highest quality onions in America.

With unsurpassed freshness, our onion varieties are a big hit with today’s consumers.

Choose from popular varieties that build lasting relationships with your customer base – versatility, great taste and proven profitability make Wada Farms the natural choice for category development.


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Yellow onions are full-flavored and the most popular variety of onion – approximately 87% of the onion crop in the United States is yellow onions. The yellow onion is the go-to vegetable in any culinary venue, whether in the family kitchen or restaurants across America.

Over 160 new menu items featuring yellow onions are introduced by major chains on a quarterly basis. This goes to show the versatility that yellow onions yield in a variety of foodservice applications, from onion blooms to accenting spectacular dishes.

Wada Farms can help you elevate your profit potential with some of the best yellow onions available in America – discover the difference.


Nothing makes a dish really pop like the vibrant, robust beauty of a red onion. Over the past decade, red onions have gained tremendous popularity in both the consumer and foodservice markets due to the color and composition it brings to the overall plate presentation.

Looks aside, red onions yield a crisp, mild onion flavor that can elevate the taste profile of any dish. Our red onion program will not disappoint as we strive to ship only the finest red onions from our door to yours.

Whether in a foodservice or retail application, we can take your red onion category to the next level – let us show you the many possibilities.


White onions are a strong contender for one of the most popular onions when it comes to cooking, but are also widely used in fresh formats. With a taste profile that yields a tangy, yet subtly sweet flavor profile, white onions are very popular in a broad spectrum of culinary dishes especially in Mexican and Southwest cuisines.

Over many years, Wada Farms has procured some of the best growers in the country to develop a sound white onion program that will ensure consistent quality, supply and most importantly, a satisfied consumer.

Nutritional Information

Onions are one of nature’s most perfect, healthy foods. They are fat, saturated fat and cholesterol free, low in sodium, high in Vitamin C and a good dietary source of fiber.

Storage Tips

Store whole onions in a cool, dark, well ventilated place for use within 4 weeks. Because onions absorb moisture, do not store them below the sink. Refrigerate cut onions in a tightly sealed container for use within 2-3 days.

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