Growing, packing, shipping and marketing support.

Wada Farms is a one stop solution for produce buyers and the food service industries. With more than 80 years of experience, we provide fully integrated services designed to simplify and consolidate your requirements, from growing, packing, shipping and marketing support, all through one trusted partner.


Let us customize the perfect plan for you.

Wada Farms provides strategic retail and consumer marketing services. Through integrated solutions, Wada Farms can help you build your brand success with in-market campaigns that drive customer engagement, encourage product trial and increase profitability.

Our marketing team can provide you with category analysis, insight into the latest trends, advertising, sell sheets, corporate collateral, point of sale, in-store promotions, social media strategies, package design and more.

Wada Farms leads the way in marketing support that ensures your success. That’s the Wada Farms difference – let us customize the perfect plan for you.

Category Partners

Price and assortment analysis, promotion scheduling and analysis, and state of the art trending and forecasting…

Wada Farms Marketing Group LLC has an award-winning category management program recognized by retailers as best in class. Through their sister company Category Partners LLC, Wada Farms is able to provide retailers with more than just great quality and a competitive price.

They also provide ongoing price and assortment analysis, promotion scheduling and analysis, as well as state of the art trending and forecasting to ensure that retail partners stay ahead of the curve, and that year over year sales stay in the positive.  When it comes to category development no one can compete with the custom programs Wada Farms can build for their retail partners.



A simple, reliable and guaranteed product delivery solution

WFM Logistics LLC is our in-house transportation department, providing freight booking and load tracking capabilities. A simple, reliable and guaranteed product delivery solution with established carriers and routes, nationwide.


At Wada Farms, sustainability is more than just a philosophy – it motivates every part of our farming and packaging operations.

We employ sustainable farming through the wise use of land resources, water conservation and management, careful herbicide and pesticide applications, and beneficial soil-enriching crop rotation practices.

We are deeply committed to this vision, and feel confident that we are making agriculture strong, safe and sustainable both for today and generations to come.

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