Shipping Facilities

Packing Shed

Wada Farms Potatoes

326 S. 1400 W.
Pingree, ID 83262
(208) 684-9801 office
(208) 684-4157 fax
(208) 227-1407 shipping office
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Wada Farms Sweet Potatoes

5006 NC Highway 33 E
Tarboro, NC 27886
(252) 823-0333 office
(252) 823-0200 fax
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Idaho Co-Packers

The following locations are marketed exclusively by Wada Farms Marketing Group

Ball Brothers Potatoes (ID)

508 N. 3470 E.
Lewisville, ID 83431
(208) 754-4651 office
(208) 754-8530
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Snake River Plains Potatoes (ID)

10971 N. Yellowstone Hwy.
Ucon, ID 83454
(208) 542-0848 office
(208) 522-0270 fax
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Moody Creek Potatoes (ID)

545 N. 7th E.
Sugar City, ID 83448
(208) 356-9447 office
(208) 356-4373 fax
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Magic Valley Potatoes (ID)

322 N. Main St.
Paul, ID 83347
(208) 438-2995 office
(208) 438-8338 fax
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High Country Potatoes(ID)

900 University Blvd.
Rexburg, ID 83440
(208) 356-8352 office
(208) 356-9935 fax
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Worley & McCullough (CO)

2471 E. County Road 7 N.
Monte Vista, CO 81144
(719) 852-5136 office
(719) 852-3623 fax
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Co-Packer Map

National Co-Packer Map

Food Safety

Wada Farms now has the PrimusGFS audit in place which is benchmarked by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).

All of the products shipped by Wada Farms are sampled and tested for any detectable levels of pesticides or herbicides by an independent food safety labratory.  We use a HAACP program that includes an independently administered trace-back enablement system. Produce is date and source coded, enabling trace back to the field where it was grown.

Wada Farms also supports the Produce Traceability Inititiative (PTI) and is compliant with each of the required milestones to date. In addition to case level produce traceability through GTIN codes, we also work with HarvestMark™ to allow end consumers the ability to trace back where their produce is grown on the individual item level.

Our value-added convenience “cook in package” products are triple washed and immersed in FIT™ produce wash and packaged in an approved food processing environment. Shipping/holding areas are climate controlled and we have pest management systems in place maintained by third party contractors.

Every year our farms undergo USDA GAP audits; with our shipping facilities performing USDA GHP audits.

The images below are from the Wada Farms packing facility in Pingree, Idaho

Retail & Count Sizes

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