Tater Made™ Sustainable Bags


Up to 25% Made with Potatoes!

Sustainability to us is more than just good farming practices, it includes our children, our people, our community and our environmental impact across all aspects of our company. While Wada Farms isn’t a packaging company, our focus on finding sustainable solutions that reduce our carbon footprint have led us to the development and launch of this made from renewable materials packaging alternative for retailers looking to meet their sustainability initiatives and tell their consumers a great story. Fresh potatoes, packed in a bag made from potatoes!

It’s called Tater Made.  Our sustainable bags, up to 25% made with potatoes from Biologiq Marketing Group. As we like to say, “No whole potatoes were harmed during the making of this bag”. We mention this because over the last 5+ years we have been working with Biologiq, a local company in Idaho to convert pre-consumer potato starch waste into resin pellets used for making plastic potato bags.

What does that mean to you? In short, Tater Made bags use 25% less non-renewable, fossil fuel based materials.  Put another way, Tater Made bags use 25% more annually renewable, plant-based starch than traditional plastic bags.  Pretty cool, huh?  

Biologiq Marketing Group is the exclusive marketer of Tater Made – Sustainable Bags.

www.tatermadebags.com     www.biologiq.com


Available: Wada Farms 5 lb. Idaho Russets


5 lb. Wada Farms Tater Made Bag

5 lb. Wada Farms Tater Made Bag (BACK)

Available: Wada Farms 3 lb. & 5 lb. Idaho Organic Potatoes






Available: Tater Made Retail Private Label Opportunities


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