Nutrition Facts, Selection & Storage Tips

Wada Farms Label

Dole® Fresh Label

Nutrition Facts

  1. Fat Free
  2. Saturated Fat Free
  3. Low Sodium
  4. Cholesterol Free
  5. High in Vitamin C
  6. Good source of dietary fiber


Onion Selections Tips


Choose onions that are firm and dry with bright, smooth outer skins. The neck should be tightly closed and the outer skin should have a crackly feel and shiny appearance. Onions should smell mild, even if their flavor is not. Avoid selecting onions with dark patches or sprouts.

Onion Storage Tips


Store whole onions in a cool, dark, well ventilated place for use within 4 weeks. Because onions absorb moisture, do not store them below the sink. Refrigerate cut onions in a tightly sealed container for use within 2-3 days.

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